We are an organisation of qualified, insured property professionals led by J.S. Carney who keep up to date with all of the latest standards, legislation, best practices information and technology.

We are happy to compete with the best in the industry.
We believe we are an example of "smaller being smarter".
We have an 32 year track record of being driven by a prompt professional thorough approach to understanding and ensuring our clients achieve their objectives.

The team have all got a personal work, life balance arrangement with the practice which ensures high levels of motivation and commitment.
We offer a wide range of skilled, electronically mobile services locally, in the UK and France, including the following:-

Building surveying.
Quantity surveying.
Project management.
Contract administration.
Project feasibility.
Expert evidence.
Full archive system (minimum 10 years).

We have long established professional connections in London, Southampton, Exeter, Manchester, Glasgow,
Guernsey, St. Malo and Monaco.
These services are all offered on a strictly confidential and secure basis.

We have won various awards for new design, refurbishment and restoration projects.

We offer realistic solutions to problems of design, build and works on site in conjunction with careful cost controls.