St. Ouen's Community Centre
Refurbishment of church hall

Summerland shops
Chain of small shops

New Era Veterinary Hospital
New vet hospital

Benetton shops
22 shops to date

St. Thomas Church
Clerestorey windows

Enterprise Centre D9,Ampress Pk
21 industrial units

Site to the West of Field 102 B
Eco houses

Union Court
10 town houses

Le Petit Menage Farm
Restoration 8 unique barns

Smugglers Inn
Pub Extension and refurbishment

The Fencing Centre (Pair of Tier (IV) Data Centres - 16,000sq.ft.),
Diocese of Portsmouth
Regal Developments Limited
KIAS Investments Limited
J.F. Marett & Son Limited
Palladium Leisure Limited
Mrs. J. and K. Jenkins
Manor Homes Limited
Gorfil Brothers Limited
B.T. Trustees
Ernst Young
N. Jagger Esq
H. Bolle-Jones
Longueville Manor Hotel
T. Moon Esq
C.N. Le Gros Esq
Mr and Mrs J Barrett
Sarre & Co
A. Burnett Esq
113 Rouge Bouillon
New block of 21 flats

Chateau Vermont
30,000 sq ft repairs and refurbishment

'B' Bar
Night Club

Longueville Manor Hotel
40% green zone extension

St. Peter's Country Apartments
44 self catering units

Gibraltar Farm
15,000 sq ft new house

Food Processing Unit
Food production factory

Victoria Avenue House
Efficient use of space

St. Mary's and St. Peter's Church

Haut Bois
Builders and plant yard

Tipton (Pair of luxury houses),

Balmorel mews (Pair of town houses).

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